What if I don’t want to become a professional, classical, or concert pianist? I just want to learn piano for my own enjoyment, and play music I like?

You are already on the right track! Most people learn piano for their own enjoyment. We can make a plan that works for you.

Do I need a piano or keyboard for practicing?

Yes. But, if you don’t have an instrument, I can help you find one. Acoustic pianos have advantages, but keyboard technology is always advancing. I can help you find an instrument based on your needs.

What if I have never tried music at all?

That is ok — you have no bad habits! The beginning might be intimidating, because there is so much information. But most people feel they are on their way after just 2-4 lessons. I help you track your progress and learn how to practice on your own.

I had a few lessons a long time ago, will I remember what I learned?

People are surprised at how much of their forgotten knowledge about music returns! And if you were ever in any band or choir, or took just a few piano lessons in the past, that really helps. Even people that had “just a few lessons a long time ago” can quickly return to playing.

How much do I need to practice?

Of course this depends. It is best to try and practice consistently (most days), and develop a good practice routine. The video I made below says that you only need “15 minutes a day”, which is an optimistic exaggeration…but that can still be preferable to 2 hours, once a week!

What kind of music do we play?

Beginners start with basic tunes. After a few weeks, we can start playing more complex songs, and you have more choice. Classical music helps with learning, but we can also play most anything — pop, rock, jazz, movie and game music, etc.